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Financing with Swee Seng Credit

Why are finance companies in Singapore important? We’ve been using the concept of money for ages. Humans love to work together cooperatively to obtain the goods and services they need. This exchange has helped further our society and help us function as a species, allowing us to develop and reach new heights. With finance companies, businesses can continuously thrive and the flow of money in the market will be at a smooth pace. For instance, the process of hire purchase, a type of loan that can be paid through instalments, is clear proof of our ability to thrive given a little help or assistance.

Money is just an extension of this. In today’s world, having access to money is crucial to living out the best life we can have. With it, we learn how to build our dreams and think of new ways to sustain ourselves and others. What we need to figure out are our financial goals and strategies to succeed in our endeavours. For this reason, financial companies are very important in improving the economy. Company loans, vehicle loans, and other personal loans are made possible through the presence of financial institutions. Serving as a cushion to many companies and individuals, these companies provide the necessary assistance to our economy.

How can we help you?

Swee Seng Credit is among the financial companies that can help you achieve this by providing financial solutions to both individuals and businesses in Singapore. With over 20 years of experience, we can provide a tailor-made financial solution for you to help you succeed.

Available Car Loans

Enjoy affordable interest rate offers, redemption plans and many more.

COE Renewal Loan




Renew your car’s COE before it expires, we recommend that you submit a loan application at least 4-6 weeks before the COE expiry date.

All our COE renewal processes are seamless and hassle-free to help you save time and money. Almost Immediate approval.





When you refinance to the lower rate you qualify for, you pay less monthly and overall. COE vehicles only paper value.

Used Car Loan




We offer bank loan interest rate at from 2.68%. Hassle free, we will settle all the paperwork with you and full settlement with your seller on behalf.

We are partnering with various Banks that you can think of.

In House Loan




Our in house loan interest rate start from 2.98%. We offer flexible loan amount at your discretion.

We will help you with all the necessary paperwork.

Our Bank, Financial & Insurance Partners

Here are some of the major banks and insurance companies that we are partnered with. Together, we make it possible for you to get you the best financing and insurance deals to help save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Bank & Financial Partners

Buy a car with confidence with Swee Seng Credits

Swee Seng Credits let you buy your dream car with ease and confidence.

Why you will love this

  • 1Free handling of LTA & Bank Transaction
  • 2Free full settlement & car ownership transfer assistance
  • 3Free financing advice & paperwork assistance

Who can apply

Applicants should be between the age of 21 – 65 years old.

Applicable to Singaporeans, Singapore PRs and Foreigners

Looking to purchase new cars from distributors or parallel importers, or used cars from car dealers or direct owners

2.3 Billion

Car Loans Underwritten

30+ Years

Industry Experience


Car Loan Interest Rates


Loan Processing & Approval

Available Cars

Bringing you cars from our Swee Seng Motors


X4 xDrive28i Sunroof

Registration Date 01/11/2016
Mileage 109,855 km
Depreciation $21,140 /yr
Engine Capacity 1,997 cc



Cooper S 2.0A

Registration Date 30/10/2015
Mileage 40,000 km
Depreciation $18,190 /yr
Engine Capacity 1,998 cc



E-Class E250

Registration Date 07/08/2013
Mileage 154,250 km
Depreciation $16,780 /yr
Engine Capacity 1,796 cc



6 Series 640i Cabriolet

Registration Date 24/05/2012
Mileage 89,000 km
Depreciation $14,270 /yr
Engine Capacity 2,979 cc



Swift Sport 1.6M

Registration Date 07/09/2007
Mileage 197,000 km
Depreciation $8,410 /yr
Engine capacity 1,586 cc



E-Class E200 AMG Line Edition E

Registration Date 15/01/2016
Mileage 94,780 km
Depreciation $20,710 /yr
Engine Capacity 1,991 cc